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London Marathon - London (Sunday 28th April 2019)

We are pleased once again to be playing along the route of the London Marathon to entertain the public and support those taking part. This event is open to all young people and we will be mainly static during the day.

We will be returning to our usual location - McDonald's Restaurant, Bestwood Retail Park, Evelyn Street, London, SE8 5DQ. The restaurant is open from 6:00am and all Band members need to be at McDonald's by 9:00am.

The nearest tube station is Canada Water on the Jubilee Line which is a 0.8 mile walk or Surrey Quays on the DLR which is a 0.6 mile walk from our location. Car parking is very limited so where possible, public transport would be the preferred option for travel.

Please note that there will be a lot of road closures and this should be factored into your journey planning. Evelyn Street has an 8:00am road closure time whereas roads around the Greenwich area are closing at 7:00am. Drivers will need to arrive before these road closures. Please note however that roads have been closed earlier than specified which again should be planned for. If you do need to travel by car/minibus, please let Carolyn Eyles know as we are often sent vehicle passes that may aid you through any unforeseen roadblocks but these passes should not be relied on!

If you are coming by public transport, please can you be at McDonald's by 8:30am. Please wear full correct uniform as per that specified here. If it is particularly cold or wet, we will be wearing the BB/GB waterproof jackets as per the links below.

GB Adult Sizes:
GB Child Sizes:

These are popular items across the county and are sometimes out of stock so please bear this in mind if you need to purchase any. As it is April anything could happen with the weather so if it is looking bright, suncream may be required.

Food will be available (kindly supported by the Marathon organisers) via McDonald's for a light breakfast (i.e. a breakfast meal and a drink). Please bring any additional food requirements with you as well as plenty to drink.

As we are fairly early on the route, we should be finished about 1:30pm to 2:00pm. This event is a great fun day for all and we look forward to seeing a good turnout.

If you have any queries about anything, then please feel free to contact Tom Boorman.

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London Marathon
(Sunday 28th April 2019, London)

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