The London Massed Bugle Band has performed at many high profile events over the years including Jubilee celebrations, the Lord Mayor's Show and the London Marathon. We are delighted to receive invitations to book the Band for future performances.

When making a request, please remember that we tend to take bookings 6 to 24 months ahead. We are pleased to attend events that are interesting for our young people, give exposure to our parent organisations and are suitable for the large Band that we offer.

We are also able to provide drum teams, bugle teams or solo buglers (for Last Post, Reveille etc.) if required.

Please contact us to make an enquiry about booking the Band and the costs involved. We do not charge a fee, but ask that our travel costs are covered and a donation made towards the cost of running the Band (such as hiring venues for our Training Afternoons and Days).

Upcoming events

London Marathon
(Sunday 2nd October 2022, London)

Band Training Day
(Sunday 30th October 2022, Venue TBC)

Lord Mayor's Show
(Saturday 12th November 2022, City of London)

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